The Making Home Affordable Program is a critical part of the congresses broad strategy to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, stabilize the country’s housing market, and improve the nation’s economy. Eligible homeowners can lower their monthly mortgage payments and get into more stable loans at today’s low rates.

Hippo Financial can assist good credit clients that haven’t missed a mortgage payment in the last 6 months. Additionally, in an effort to be responsive to the needs of today’s homeowners, there are also options for homeowners who owe more than their homes are worth.

HARP 2.0 was designed to help more underwater homeowners that did not have the option to take advantage of the first program that went to 100% of the value of real property or home. With HARP 2.0 the general consensus is that the loan to value guidelines have been loosened to offer more help to a greater part of the home owners population, in some cases up to 125% of the current market value of the home.

We have refinance options that are lowering rates and payments so that clients can save money per month, or pay down the loan at a faster pace. Please call immediately for more details at 877-630-7730 option 1.