One of our most popular loan options and for good reason; The 15 year fixed is the best way to pay off your home on our way to becoming debt free, as it is a very low interest rate in the fixed market.  Having a substantially lower rate and term minimizes the cost of financing over the life of the loan.  The 15 year fixed is great for borrowers that want to pay the least amount of interest with the least amount of risk on their home loan.  The payments are more per month than the 30 year fixed, only because there is far more principal in each payment by comparison.   This is a great long term financial decision.

Benefits of the 15 Year Fixed Mortgage

  • Lowest amount of interest financed
  • Lowest fixed rate program available
  • Ability to own your home faster, and become mortgage debt free.
  • Generally allows borrower to retire sooner.
  • Asset preservation throughout retirement once paid off.