Why Go Hippo?

Why Choose Hippo Financial as Your Mortgage Company?

Hippo Financial, a reputable mortgage company, is a reputable family-owner lender in Jumbo, conventional, government, and construction loans in the state of Oregon.  Our product line is humongous starting with FNMA, VA, FHA, Jumbo, and Construction all under one roof.   Yes, you may be learning about us for the first time, but after one conversation you know the difference our 22 years of lending experience will make in your  financial life.  We build relationships, we educate, you get to pick your interest rate for the 5-6 offerings we share with you.  We supply consistent and professional mortgage advice to guide you through these times of uncertainty and volatility, basically we are you LENDER FOR LIFE.   We have a huge amount of products for credits scores as low as 620 and above.  We work in partnership to shop around the marketplace for you, so you can relax knowing you received the best value at the time of your application.  Our makeup of private lending and wholesale business channels gives you the advantage when getting the best loan for you.  Aren’t you tired of not having a relationship in banking when you need one?

We Listen and We Understand

A mortgage is a tool that can be used for accomplishing many financial goals within our lifetime. Let us hear your goals and design the right mortgage for now and into the future. We can restructure your payment to free up money to help send your kids to college. We can free up equity to pay down higher interest rate credit cards saving you thousands per year. We can get you on a lower term so that when you retire, you own the home and forgo any future payments.

Why Are We Named Hippo Financial?

We have a huge product lineup with over 120 loan products in residential and construction lending.  That’s really Big!  We can do loans for borrowers up to 3 million, now that’s a big loan!  Are programs offer large closing cost and or rate discounts for our clients that our competitors will never match!  We feel the hippopotamus size illustrates the amount of products, experience, size of our loans, and size our our discounts compared to the rest of the mortgage banking industry.  We are also a stable and strong provider of residential financing not only through the financial crisis, but beyond.  We are unwavering in our commitment to provide a great service to our clients at a great value with honestly and integrity.  You add that all up in the jungle and you end up with a Hippo!  The customer experience is #1, see our testimonials you and will understand why Hippo Financial is your ONLY call for a refinance, purchase or construction mortgage.

Thank you again, for your time and I encourage you to call one of our Mortgage Bankers today to learn what type of mortgage loans you take advantage of to improve your financial outlook.

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